Sunday, May 2, 2010

The 2010 IRA portfolio April update.

Fund picks for 2010
The 2010 portfolio is presently four months into the year. The S&P 500 index had a positive month in April and is now up 6.4% the 2010 portfolio is up 7.7 percent.
The funds in the portfolio are:
JAOSX Janus overseas fund
RYLPX Royce Low-Priced Stock Fund
PLDDX PIMCO Low Duration Bond Fund
WTSLX Westcore Select Fund
LZOEX. Lazard Emerging Markets Equity Fund
AKREX Akre Focus Fund
GOLDX. GAMCO (Gabelli) Gold fund
YAFFX Yacktman Focus Fund
WGRNX Wintergreen Fund
BJBHX Artio Global High Income
CGMRX CGM Realty fund

The Janus Overseas Fund which had been leading the pack suffered a setback in April, as did the Lazard Emerging Markets Equity Fund and the Wintergreen Fund. These funds have significant holdings in nations which did not perform as well as the United States markets in April. Making up for the lack luster performance of the overseas funds were the funds which invest primarily in domestic stocks. The CGM Realty fund is now up 16.5% for the year and the Westcore Select Fund is up 14%. The GAMCO (Gabelli) Gold fund which had been lagging is now up 7.6% about even with the total portfolio. The performance differences from month to month underscore the importance of diversification in your portfolio.

Fund picks for 2010

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