Monday, November 12, 2012

Time to buy

Well I must admit I blew it.
I was going to post back around Labor Day that it was time to take some money off of the table. Well I did not post that. (The NASDAQ was around 3200) Still if you have cash on the sidline I am adding cash to the market on any weakness here. The market may go lower as tax policy most likely will not be as favorable for investor and I do see some profit taking. (Much of it may have already taken place). The NASDAQ  closed at 2904 today. I will save my political commentary. You can listen to Chris Mathews or Rush Limbaugh for that. When others are selling and afraid it is time to buy.

The best Midcap Funds for 2013

The best Mid cap Funds for 2013
I have a new list of funds this time in the mid cap arena. This is the first in a series of updated funds. A wise investor always has an asset allocation and mid cap funds should be part of that allocation. I will be doing a host of new fund updates so please check back for later editions.
The best Mid cap Funds for 2013