Saturday, February 27, 2010

The 2010 portfolio results for the end of February.

The 2010 portfolio which I published on Hubpages in an article entitled Fund picks for 2010 continues to edge out the S&P500 index. The portfolio is down a whopping 0.26% while the S&P 500 index is down almost 1%.
The portfolio consists of the following funds.

JAOSX Janus overseas fund
RYLPX Royce Low-Priced Stock Fund
PLDDX PIMCO Low Duration Bond Fund
WTSLX Westcore Select Fund
LZOEX. Lazard Emerging Markets Equity Fund
AKREX Akre Focus Fund
GOLDX. GAMCO (Gabelli) Gold fund
YAFFX Yacktman Focus Fund
WGRNX Wintergreen Fund
BJBHX Artio Global High Income
CGMRX CGM Realty fund

Most of the funds are where they started based on the Decemeber 31 closing price. The ones that have performed the best are the PIMCO low duration bond fund, Artio Global High Income, Westcore Select Fund ,and the Akre Focus Fund. I am not surprised that the bond funds are in positive territory. The fact that two focus funds Westcore and Akre are both in positive territory speaks well of the fund management.
The gold fund is down over 6 percent which is the only real laggard. These results fortify my thinking that an investor should only put a small portion of their portfolio into a sector fund.
Again I published this portfolio Fund picks for 2010 on Hubpages.

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